Monday, August 30, 2010

This Weekend~

This weekend was ideal...well almost~

My son FINALLY picked up on the whole.."oh, this is the crawling position" but has yet to do anuything about that position. Right now, he rocks and scoots it!

He loves to stand up though and loves to watch the Disney Channel. So, thats Zekey-man for ya!

Jazmen is on the move and goes, goes,goes. How does she get the energy? I'll loose weight just following after her. She is so fast and quick too. I am just glad she hasnt wanted to walk..cant wait for that day

Had a pow-wow session with the twins father...didnt go so well. He lied and said he was alone but his sister kept talking and distracting him. His sister doesnt like me and has made that very much know...dont worry, cant stand her either, but would love to at least be civil.

This weekend I had the worst headache, which transferred to today is ugh!

nothing much happened this weekend and I found a way to not worry about packing and moving...just re-sign your lease!

Thats it for now...:)