Monday, January 5, 2015

New "The Life of Four"

What does it mean to blog?
I honestly don’t know any more. I know I love blogging and speaking to people and really getting to know others via my blog, but I need to be more consistent about that and if you follow this (or at least try to) you know I say that a lot. I found a blogging challenge that I have fallen in love with and I am going to do that. I have been waiting to start my blog back up because I was waiting for my kids to come home, but I still should have been writing more. I do hope you follow The Life of Four…yup I changed it, find out here.
I am in the middle of making this into a single mom lifestyle blog, writing at least once a week and has I become more consistent, up to four times a week! Budgeting, new recipes, science kid projects (I am actually excited about this one) and how to be a sexy beast as a single mom.
sand hearts
I am on two platforms right this moment, and I am unsure which way to go. I want to buy my “Life of Three” domain, but I don’t know anything I want to do after that. Being a paid blog will help me get more reviews, help me get more jobs for the blog where I can really explore the things I want and be able to make it really a fun and creative blog for single moms…especially with multiples!
So, that is blogging for me. I want to be more consistent, be more open to change, figure out my blog platform, and really be a helping stone for moms.

Erika S.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A lovely welcome

So I am playing catch up. November and December I didn’t blog, not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t find the energy after working 10 hours a day at my job, doing motherly things with the twins, and then trying to blog about life.
However, I am back, work is still crazy, I’m still doing motherly things, but I learned a few things about putting some things on the back burner and handling some other things first…I think they call that prioritizing.

My business has picked up a bit, I love wedding planning. Went into a partnership with a good friend, we run a DIY wedding workshop company, more than just DIY weddings, but that is the main premise, and we are doing well in that area.

I have been working on (in my mind) writing down some of my goals. Spiritually, personal, and business wise. I think I know where and why I keep messing up in the New Year. I don’t write things out and I love writing things out. I am actually going to be writing out those things tonight and then typing them up, for some reason that works so well for me.

This isn’t a long, well thought out post, just something I wanted to share and say hi to all again! I am going to get to writing about all the wonderful things going on, especially excited about our blogging challenge happening in two weeks.

Friday, December 13, 2013

It's a new day!

The Life of Three has been an amazing journey for me. I have grown, gotten lots of new friends, learned some things about myself, and really enjoyed blogging with the twins in my mind. I have learned a lot and still much to learn to take my blog to many places! Changes are being made.

My sister has a saying called “It’s a new day” and she says it to her kids as a way to let them know that their actions, attitudes or other things in general are changing and will no longer be tolerated. I chuckle at it because I can see that the kids really are worried about what is going to change and what is this new day? A few days ago, that saying has been in my head though, things I need to change, stuff I want to change, the ways I want to do things, etc.

It’s a New Day

I’m comfortable with making changes but with making lifestyle changes is hard for me. Mental changes and emotional changes are harder for me to take on though and those are the ones that really need to change and that I need to be comfortable with. 

Making changes is somewhat easy; it takes 30 days for someone to create a habit. My tips are to write down the things you want to change, put it on a calendar or like a checklist and everyday you do it, you should be able to check it off. Change is going to be hard but be comfortable with it.
With this blog I have become comfortable about writing, opening up, and just doing more things. I have also become comfortable with the changes that will soon be happening. I have a lot of work to do, but going to be doing it well.

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Fresh Monday

Welcome back I tell myself as I start blogging for this lovely blog of mine! I can’t figure some of the website out, but still working on it. This week has been amazing, from lots of food (YUM) to family, friends, talking to ones I thought I didn’t like, being able to put some past issues to rest, and really writing out my blogging calendar (still working on that tonight). I am so blessed and glad to be back to writing! I got stuck for a moment, I couldn’t think of what I wanted to say, what I wanted to do, how to get my blog to where I want it to be…shoot to be honest, I also had writers block.

I started looking around blogs that I love to read, blogs that inspire me, blogs that helped me when I was starting out and just blogs I loved when I was at a low point in my life. Business blogs, lifestyle blogs, baby blogs, writing blogs…goodness, all types and I started learning what I wanted to do, blog. To this day, it is still hard to blog about things since I didn’t have a clear view of what I wanted to do. As I took this time off and really sat down, I know I write about a lot of stuff but it is just that “stuff” and I didn’t want my blog to be just stuff; I wanted it to be something different. 

So, I wrote a blog business plan, thanks to the SITS girls, check out their blog post here ( Thanks ladies!!
Now, I have a clear view of what I want: single mom lifestyle blog and how to go about it: that is my plan, not yours lol and I have a clear view of how to connect with others: start small…not big!

I am creating this blog as a Single mom lifestyle blog, featured and geared towards black single moms with twins…and if you aren’t black or don’t have twins, that is fine too…I love you all! I want to show a way to budget while being a single mom, a way to have a nice lifestyle while on said budget; I want to show a way to create awesomeness in the craziness of being that single mom on a budget. Most of all, I really want women all over to be inspired, to really want to move forward with their singleness, to be a bloggess of mass awesomeness. I want moms and women to feel the empowerment I want to bring, I want to seek out the women who don’t believe in themselves, I want to connect and partner with some amazing women owned businesses and give back to single moms. I want my blog to empower single moms and to really bring forth our ability to be more and go beyond “single moms”. I just want a blog that women (and men, if so) can come to and really connect.

With that being said, I have dedicated some of the next few weeks to work the errors out of each category I have, to really get the site up and running, to finishing connecting with others and really find awesome opportunities for other single moms out there. I have a business plan, a call to action for myself, and to blog like I’ve never blogged before! Super excited!!

Join me on this journey, really connect with me, sing up, join, and stay tuned for some more awesomeness!

Friday, November 15, 2013

A lovely giveaway!

I think I would love having one of these. Think how easy getting your drinks made for you would be? On the go? Got kids running around? This is simply, easy, and I personally would love one. I like the fact that it is easy as well and with so many different flavors, I can pick and choose based on the day and how I feel or just for pure fun.

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Disclosure: The Life of Three is not responsible for prize fulfillment. My opinions are 100% my own and may differ from your own or even those stated in this post. Out of the Bags is responsible for prize delivery. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh I adore thee

The best time to do something is (or was) yesterday…since yesterday is gone, today is a great place to start. I was weak on my September blogging challenge, so I want to change that and blog every day in November. I love to blog, its fun, and can be rewarding in the long run, but I want it to be awesome as well, not just a chore for me. The blog is coming along nicely with the new changes for a lifestyle blog, with recipes (which means cooking for me yay!), changes in habits and our life (how can you go wrong, right?), and a new outlook on everything.

This life has been a journey of mine and I wish there were easier times and moments where things could have gone or ran smoother, but I see the accomplishments I have done and I am really happy about those. I notice the lessons I’ve personally learned and the pain that comes with those lessons. Struggle builds character, at least which is what my mom says. I think it builds a certain amount of character, but mainly strength in yourself and what you can do when the chips are down and things aren’t going the right way.
As you know, if you follow or read this (which I hope you all do), Monday’s I usually dedicate to Monday Morning Moments, a piece of time where you can reflect on the weekend, or a lesson learned, a moment that you cherish and want to make sure to share to get your day started right. Today’s Moment is dedicated to my twins, who a lot of things are dedicated to them; however, today I owe them so much more.

As many of you know (or don’t know), I was royally screwed over by a friend and his girlfriend in Denver, Co. I struggled with letting that go, learning to forgive, and really forgiving, and not taking action against them, and not to harp on it. That has been rough. However, knowing I have the twins and their love and their approval has been amazingly wonderful. I’ve come to the conclusion that people will do bad things to others and not lose one night of rest and when they begin to feel guilty; they push it aside and look to their riches and successes. I actually wish the best for the people that hurt me, that screwed me over, that really made things difficult for me. I wish them success because they gave me something else…a determination to keep going forward, to move mountains so I don’t struggle or reach that black put of despair ever again, they gave me my kids who looked up to me and knew it would be handled and things would be ok. They took a lot away from me, lied on and about me, sent me a letter discrediting myself and my kids even, but I smile now because I have forgiven them, I wish them well, and in the end I know god will handle things.

As for right now though, I do know that my twins got me through a period of hate and ugliness, they got me through a few months of tears, doubts in myself, and helped me overcome weaknesses. They were my rock and I love them for that and will always cherish that more than anyone could ever know. I don’t even think of it as being screwed over any more, I think of it as a gift, a blessing in disguise, to really know and love my kids.

I hope everyone has a moment that they can stare at their kids, their loved ones, or a friend and know that through pain and despair that person (or persons) was there for you and made you the people who are today and who you will keep becoming. So today, I started something new…a letter to each kid, telling them that they are loved, my goals and dreams for them, but reminding them that no matter what happens, I love them. So this blog post as been all over the place, but Mondays are usually like that, from starting something new and finishing it, to believing in yourself, to looking past the negative and seeing all the good around you, to being on a journey and letting it happen! Here is to you and your Monday Moment.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Theme it Up

I think everyone should have a theme song. When I was younger we watched this Chinese movie and every time this little boy would appear his song would play and it was cute. Music is such a huge part of our lives, from the moment we hear a song we associate taste, sound, memories with it. For instance, I know where I was, what I was doing and eating when I heard Destiny’s Child Bills, Bills, Bills. I also remember what song was playing when life was interrupted during 9/11. Music is a huge part of our lives and it is sad that music programs in our schools are first to go and gym class…easy A.

Any who, back to theme songs. I think a theme song can dictate your day, just like prayer in the morning (or whenever), just like a good breakfast, a good song can make Zumba everlasting. For me, I think everyone should have that universal theme song, something that gets them through anything and everything, makes them feel undefeated, strong, and powerful. A song that you know is on your iPhone, your iTunes, Google Music, and more….a song that you can relate to on every level, that should be your universal theme song.

I also believe in the daily theme song. Listen to your daily theme song, something you know will be in your head all day besides your universal song, and then listen to it as loudly as possible on the drive to work, waiting in line someone (headphones please) or just jogging. This is a song that isn’t repeated during the week…well maybe, but a song that gets played during that moment of “Oh goodness…today is going to…” BOOM, that song comes on. This is your daily theme song!

Now, to get the full effect of a theme song, listen to each song or just one of them and think about those lyrics, how they will impact your day, how you can be empowered by this song and what it makes you feel. When you are walking into work, picking up kids from daycare, or simply being the awesome mom you are (or dad), let your songs play in your head and rock this day (and everyday) out!

My reasoning behind my theme song today is because I plan on doing big things here in the next few months and this upcoming year. Making some plans and I’m about to be upgraded to the next level of Erika.

Today’s daily theme song: Upgrade Ya by BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z (

Monday, September 23, 2013

The life of Three...lately

I hate posting so late, but I am determined to do this challenge and I wanted to make sure I posted today.

Life lately has been pretty…weird and well. Things have been busy and so awesome. I am doing two blogging challenges, my business is picking up, and I have enjoyed learning things about myself. Life lately has been amazing, with ups and downs and so many different things going on. My kids have taken a lot of my own focus and I love just being around them. Their joy in the simplest things make me stop and look at things in a different light, I love that!

As for my business, I’ve been taking the advice of some of my successful planner friends and just going out there and doing it. Dreams don’t happen overnight and they don’t just happen on their own. You have to work at it, grow and learn it. You have to get up, get dressed, show up, and put in work. I don’t like mixing my business on here but it’s a part of my Life Lately post and I wanted to share my lovely inspiration.

As for everything else, it is still moving along. Slowly but surely, growing, learning, making moves and waves, good things are right around the corner and I can’t wait to turn that corner. Hope today was a fantastic day for you as well.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A comfortable term

How do you react to comfort…that’s basically the topic. For me, comfort means so much. Love, joy, my kids wrapped around me, or knowing that my faith is taking me through a lot of things and that’s comfort for me. 

I saw this word I immediately thought of my kids, my family, scriptures that make me feel comfort. You can take comfort in many things; my daughter loves her blanket and takes that pink blanket everywhere. My son, Zeke, is known for his cars and those are the things he loves and takes comfort in.

We all take comfort in many things, possessions, words, scriptures, friends, family, etc. we take comfort in all things. For me, comfort means so much and can hold so much, so it’s each owns reaction to comfort. Mine is love and family and my kids, I take comfort in all the things that give me comfort.