Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A lovely welcome

So I am playing catch up. November and December I didn’t blog, not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t find the energy after working 10 hours a day at my job, doing motherly things with the twins, and then trying to blog about life.
However, I am back, work is still crazy, I’m still doing motherly things, but I learned a few things about putting some things on the back burner and handling some other things first…I think they call that prioritizing.

My business has picked up a bit, I love wedding planning. Went into a partnership with a good friend, we run a DIY wedding workshop company, more than just DIY weddings, but that is the main premise, and we are doing well in that area.

I have been working on (in my mind) writing down some of my goals. Spiritually, personal, and business wise. I think I know where and why I keep messing up in the New Year. I don’t write things out and I love writing things out. I am actually going to be writing out those things tonight and then typing them up, for some reason that works so well for me.

This isn’t a long, well thought out post, just something I wanted to share and say hi to all again! I am going to get to writing about all the wonderful things going on, especially excited about our blogging challenge happening in two weeks.