Monday, January 5, 2015

New "The Life of Four"

What does it mean to blog?
I honestly don’t know any more. I know I love blogging and speaking to people and really getting to know others via my blog, but I need to be more consistent about that and if you follow this (or at least try to) you know I say that a lot. I found a blogging challenge that I have fallen in love with and I am going to do that. I have been waiting to start my blog back up because I was waiting for my kids to come home, but I still should have been writing more. I do hope you follow The Life of Four…yup I changed it, find out here.
I am in the middle of making this into a single mom lifestyle blog, writing at least once a week and has I become more consistent, up to four times a week! Budgeting, new recipes, science kid projects (I am actually excited about this one) and how to be a sexy beast as a single mom.
sand hearts
I am on two platforms right this moment, and I am unsure which way to go. I want to buy my “Life of Three” domain, but I don’t know anything I want to do after that. Being a paid blog will help me get more reviews, help me get more jobs for the blog where I can really explore the things I want and be able to make it really a fun and creative blog for single moms…especially with multiples!
So, that is blogging for me. I want to be more consistent, be more open to change, figure out my blog platform, and really be a helping stone for moms.

Erika S.