Friday, September 20, 2013

A comfortable term

How do you react to comfort…that’s basically the topic. For me, comfort means so much. Love, joy, my kids wrapped around me, or knowing that my faith is taking me through a lot of things and that’s comfort for me. 

I saw this word I immediately thought of my kids, my family, scriptures that make me feel comfort. You can take comfort in many things; my daughter loves her blanket and takes that pink blanket everywhere. My son, Zeke, is known for his cars and those are the things he loves and takes comfort in.

We all take comfort in many things, possessions, words, scriptures, friends, family, etc. we take comfort in all things. For me, comfort means so much and can hold so much, so it’s each owns reaction to comfort. Mine is love and family and my kids, I take comfort in all the things that give me comfort.