Monday, December 2, 2013

A Fresh Monday

Welcome back I tell myself as I start blogging for this lovely blog of mine! I can’t figure some of the website out, but still working on it. This week has been amazing, from lots of food (YUM) to family, friends, talking to ones I thought I didn’t like, being able to put some past issues to rest, and really writing out my blogging calendar (still working on that tonight). I am so blessed and glad to be back to writing! I got stuck for a moment, I couldn’t think of what I wanted to say, what I wanted to do, how to get my blog to where I want it to be…shoot to be honest, I also had writers block.

I started looking around blogs that I love to read, blogs that inspire me, blogs that helped me when I was starting out and just blogs I loved when I was at a low point in my life. Business blogs, lifestyle blogs, baby blogs, writing blogs…goodness, all types and I started learning what I wanted to do, blog. To this day, it is still hard to blog about things since I didn’t have a clear view of what I wanted to do. As I took this time off and really sat down, I know I write about a lot of stuff but it is just that “stuff” and I didn’t want my blog to be just stuff; I wanted it to be something different. 

So, I wrote a blog business plan, thanks to the SITS girls, check out their blog post here ( Thanks ladies!!
Now, I have a clear view of what I want: single mom lifestyle blog and how to go about it: that is my plan, not yours lol and I have a clear view of how to connect with others: start small…not big!

I am creating this blog as a Single mom lifestyle blog, featured and geared towards black single moms with twins…and if you aren’t black or don’t have twins, that is fine too…I love you all! I want to show a way to budget while being a single mom, a way to have a nice lifestyle while on said budget; I want to show a way to create awesomeness in the craziness of being that single mom on a budget. Most of all, I really want women all over to be inspired, to really want to move forward with their singleness, to be a bloggess of mass awesomeness. I want moms and women to feel the empowerment I want to bring, I want to seek out the women who don’t believe in themselves, I want to connect and partner with some amazing women owned businesses and give back to single moms. I want my blog to empower single moms and to really bring forth our ability to be more and go beyond “single moms”. I just want a blog that women (and men, if so) can come to and really connect.

With that being said, I have dedicated some of the next few weeks to work the errors out of each category I have, to really get the site up and running, to finishing connecting with others and really find awesome opportunities for other single moms out there. I have a business plan, a call to action for myself, and to blog like I’ve never blogged before! Super excited!!

Join me on this journey, really connect with me, sing up, join, and stay tuned for some more awesomeness!