Thursday, April 21, 2011

The blogging times!

How quickly it is to start writing and forget where you are?! For all lovers of any type of writing, you know what I mean.

As parents, we do the same. I love my twins and I love watching them learn and do new things. Like Zeke will clap and Jazz will laugh hysterically, Jazmen will "sing" and Zeke growls. These are the things I listen to and watch all day and my sorrows and pain go away.

I love being a mommyand I would love to have a million more times like these, where love is always in the air at my house. I know this will happen and happen a lot!

I've taken a new approach to blogging and using writng/bloggin as an opporunity to make money and also reach out and meet fellow mamas and dadas! I love blogging and simply want to share the experience and joy with others.

Now, with the somewhat success of my last giveaway, I plan on doing another one and this one for a gift certificate to my business!

I believe this will help with followers being more and staying interested in what I blog about. Ive caught up on a lot of the blogs I love to follow and the ladues who make blogging very interesting. I plan on writing every night (thats the plan) because I want this to be something....just something for me.

Anywho, today was random and I hope that you all have had an amazing day like myself!