Friday, September 9, 2011

Twice in one night...Unreal?!

Tonight, I posting twice...I know right! Never happened before!! Craziness...ok ok ok...I digress!!

Im posting tonight (again) for my business opportunity! I started a Social Network for DS Divas. DS means Direct Sales, so any lady (or man) that works in Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, 31 Gifts, Scentsy, etc have a place to come, network, socialize, see what the top speakers of the industry are saying, recruit, learn to recruit, tips on bookings, and party planning events!

I would so love for you to join me and to learn more about the DS Divas and their hard work they all put into building their business and their passion for their business. Some of these ladies are single moms, moms/wives whose husbands are deployed, taking care of house and home. So its nice to have a place where we can network and grow from one another!

If you have a business (of any sort) you can also join this page, as I would love to see and help your business grow any way possible!!

Check out the site here:

Hope to see you there!!