Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Growth of Change

I think that growth is a positive thing and since our new life is centered around growth, I enjoy the new things in life. One thing I would love to do is start traveling. I've always wanted to travel and I put it on hold when I got pregnant and one  thing my previous post was talking about was traveling and not putting my life on hold. So, starting this year (planning process) I'm getting things ready for our two big vacations next year. One stateside and one international!!

Stateside vacation will be traveling to Disney World. The twins turn three this year and by Nov of next year they will be they should remember things (I'm hoping for that). We will be staying on site, so I need to start planning now. Budget, eating places, tickets for other fun things, how to get there, etc. This is my vacation that I think we as a whole will love.
round. Things just all came together. I have to start getting my passports and the twins as well...this is going to be so much fun!!
My international destination will be....wait for it...Greece!!! I've put going there on hold for two years...three now. This will be another family vacation and the planning process will need to start ASAP.  When I planned this trip in 2009, I was going with my best friend, for New Years Eve, and staying for two weeks while jumping from island to island. Now, within growth mode...things change.

However, while planning for this trip, I've come across some things. This will need to be planned differently. I will need to get passports, figure out when to go, see where to go, and know what I need to do before we leave (shots, medical info) and for when we get there. So, in a panic mode, I searched for places to go that are magical in Greece.I know for one, I cant jump from island to island...I need to pick one and enjoy that, especially with my family.

So I came across this wonderful site and they have loads of information, from what to do before you go, to the wonderful things you can do while there, pictures, guides, a booking search, and so much more. I was so excited when I got on the site and started to look aSo, with this new information, our official International "holiday" will be the magical island of Kefalonia Greece! This is going to be fun and with that site, research, and other looking arounds, I am going to have the best trip to Kefalonia!

Whenever growth comes along, you have to realize that its best to always grow forward. For me its to stop putting things on hold, to stop waiting for that perfect moment. If we wait and wait and wait....we loose out on something, we loose the ability to grow. My first growth is stop putting things on hold...and get to it!

Enjoy your growth and keep moving forward...who knows I may just see you in Kefalonia or Disney World.