Friday, May 24, 2013

A little bit more of change

What changes in our life as the days go by? Each person has their own story. For me, it’s been a roller coaster. From getting a product review (got the products in on Monday), watching the plants grow like crazy (we’ve loved that), honing down on my business plan, getting very specific about what I really want to do, and starting to sew (I made pillows!!). These things are so wonderful, little, yet exciting for me and the twins.
                So I started reaching out for products to review and I got one! I am so excited about that. It is a hair growth product for black girls or women of color and I have been using it since Monday on both me and my daughter’s hair. I can see the shine in her hair and I notice the strength of mine. I will be posting pictures and reviews on Mondays and this way I can have a diary of my journey with this.

  The next thing is super amazing! My baby sister, Megan, graduated from cosmetology school this past week. She is officially all done with school and can style, cut, color, do nails, etc. and she is really good at it. Next her state exams and then working for a salon or doing something of her own. I am so proud of her. My niece, Dichelle, graduated from Kindergarten to 1st grade this week as well. She is officially out of school and a 1st grader, I really can’t believe how much time flies.

                Our plants have grown amazingly well and they are so vibrant and beautiful and I love how the twins are taking so much time and effort into growing these two things. Taking the time to enjoy the process, to water them every day, and then to make sure they are outside all day to get the fresh air and the sun that is needed. I posted pictures below of our progress and how happy they are. 

                My business plans and life plans have changed a bit over the course of these past few months. I wanted to try and make some pillowcase dresses for my girl, Jazzy, and my nieces. I wanted to sell them online and really get them going…however, I will keep this as my hobby. Something I am really good at is finding things, it’s my niche. From finding wedding items to something someone wants, so I am researching and looking into being a personal assistant/concierge. This will allow me to be creative and to be with my kids a lot, still work from home, and still get paid. It’s all in the works and in my thought process.

                These are the small, yet major, changes and I love it! I went through a really bad few months and trusted a friend who I shouldn’t have and things got rough. However, the lessons I have learned and the growth from these few months has been really amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I hope you take the steps to enjoy the changes and embrace them all.