Monday, August 30, 2010

Its official

...Im sick!

I hate being sick and on a Monday! A Monday that I have so much planned. A Monday that leads to an even busier Tuesday! Oh goodness me! Going to drug myself up tonight after I put the twins to sleep and try and get better. I have to take a diabetes blood sugar test and Im not really scared, just worried. If I have diabetes, then the twins are more likely to get it, since we just found out their father is diabetic as well.

Oh joy!

Another note: the twins are having a wonderul, if stuffy, day in daycare! Called their provider and she spoke all wonderful things about my babies. Such beauties! I love being a mom...I love my Mommy Mondays!

So since I am new to blogging, I thought I'd make a schedule. I've noticed that some blogging moms have themese to their blog days. So, I sort-of took off with that direction!

I posted it on my side board. Hope you can follow it!