Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Telling From the Twins...their point

Told from Zeke's point of view...

Today, we woke up and didnt want to get out of bed. We went to daycare and played with our friends and Gunny, our day care provider. Shes awesome...we like her a lot. Our mama came to get us sooner than we thought she would and then we went home, ate and Jazmen took a quick nap.

I didnt have too...I played with mommy and we ate some potato chips (I dont think I like those) and some of mama's sandwhich. Then we went to our doctors appointment and no shots for us. I tore up the paper on the exam bed and Jazzy crawled everywhere.

After a long day of doing noting, we played with uncle and auntie and then we played with Joely-poly, a friend of our mommies. We start being watched by our lolly (grandma) and me and Jazmen are excited. We ate dinner and mommy rocked me to sleep first...