Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010...Hello 2011

I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy new year! Let your resolution be your goals and let your goals be attainable. Keep your eye simple and more than good things will come to you.

This year was packed with drama, changes and a few eye openers. I have dreams and goals but I feel that my goals will be reached before my dreams are. I want to live in New York and I am going to make that happen. I want to make things happen for me and my kids, live the life I wanted and to see what could really happen.

most of all, I want to be happy. Inside and out. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and see a smile in my eyes again. For a while, I claimed it was gone, but its deep within me, begging to be released. This year, I have goals to be happy, to be accomplished and to make someone of Erika L. S. and I hope I can get some followers to cheer me on lol.

Once again, please have a SAFE and happy new years. If you are going out, please be careful and remember who you are coming home to. Much love...see you in 2011