Sunday, January 2, 2011


Now, most of you know one of my goals is to have some followers this year. Once I reach a certain amount, or my blogiversary, I plan on doing a giveaway! I have a side business for Party Lite and I think I will do something with candles. I love candles....

I digress...

Back to business at hand...When you have followers, do you really know or even believe that they are following you? How can you tell if they are, if NO ONE leaves a comment? How do you get your followers who follow your page, just so that you'll follow theirs?

I am confused in the following business, but my goal is to really follow all my blogs I follow. Most are moms, one dad (at Tantrums, Tempers and Tears...forgetful me, but nice blog) and I know that I try to follow them all, rereading and catching up on all missed blogs.

I know for there is a stats page where you can see the clicks or hits, rather, of how many people checked out your blog. I made myself a goal and a promise that I am going to do everything in my power to follow and read the blogs I do follow.

I believe with that effort, maybe I will get followers who really follow me. Im not too boring and I blog about interesting things and I made it my blog-goal to really be an interesting bloggy mama. I would love to love some followers who want to follow me and read my blog. If you read this, please leave a comment...would love to know if I am interesting LOL