Sunday, December 26, 2010

What to expect

Over this past year, Ive been debating on a lot of things and one of them has been my writing. I really want to do my blog big time, meaning following my own schedule, finding product reviews and getting followers, people who comment and enjoy my page. Maybe (MAYBE) being picked up by some big hot shot publication! I also would love love to stay at home and work from home. I enjoyed it so much while I was unemployed but this time, I'd like to really work from home. I checked out a few consultant jobs and party things from home and the one I really liked is, Party Lite. YAY!!

So, anyone into candles, I'll be selling those and blogging about them...well, what you expect? LOL...I love candles anyways and this is something I've looked into before and now I really would love to try it and really put my full force into these things.

Ok, I hope to get some followers and blog properly!!

LOL...night ya'll