Thursday, February 10, 2011

Content, happy or bliss

This week has been so long! I cant believe tomorrow is Friday and I wont have to do too much until Sunday night!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where things just didnt...flow right? Or things seemed to not fit in to your master plan? Thats been my week. I love planning and I plan to love on planning for the rest of my life. Things just werent going my way. I'm ok though because I noticed that whenever something started to go wrong or out of whack, I took a step back.

Can I control this? Does this really need to cause me this much stress? Do I really need to eat this chocolate? (Yes, to the last one). I took that step back and realized a few things about me and my life. I tend to cause more stress for myself than to elevate it. I worry so much before the project has even started that I set myself up for failure. I need to stop that.

My goals and some plans for myself is to really do my best to think positive, change my outlook, notice things about me that are delicious.

My week was downright lousy. My pregnant sister and her three kids moved back in to the three bedroom place we are staying at, and she is one to believe that because she has four kids, she is the mother of all mothers. I had a ticket from the mail meter today, I couldnt seem to shake a huge doubt about me and the man Im soon to marry. I struggled with patient with the twins. I havent done anything for me in a year and a half. My wedding budget is too small but work-able and I cant seem to shake this awful headache. My week sucked to say the least. But with prayer, patience and love from my kids, I felt bliss.

How do you find time to be content, how do you find your own bliss, happiness, joy when the day youre having isnt the best of days. How do you find time to just be you?

Ive learned that being me, ELS, I am a happier person once I can follow a plan and I tend to do better with plans. However, life happens and plans tend to go array. The best thing to do is pray, breath and take those steps back.