Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, Ive been dating this wonderfully great guy and he has been simply amazing. His name is Joel, Ive known him for a few years now, but never seemed to like him like that. So we stayed friends!

I moved back home (from AZ to CO) in December and it was the greatest, yet most stressful thing for me. I wanted to be happy...inside and out, yet things werent looking like that was going to happen. Well, Joel pops into my life the moment I start praying for better. I then see him with the twins and realize that I DO like him like that.

So, now we are dating! Its been a glorious time and this...start to my future has felt so right and so comfortable. He is encouraging, loving, wonderful and full of life and love. He is smart, talented, funny and so spiritual. He loves the kids as if they were his own and he makes sure they are taken care of has well.

I couldnt have asked for anyone better and I am so glad that God was listening to my prayer and gave me what I needed and not just what I wanted.

So, here is the awesome part as well. We know we want to get married. we have a date (sept 16, 2011) and we know our budget (5k). I dont have a ring yet but he is going to purpose in March!! We arent your traditional couple and since I do have kids already, we've been very open on this relationship!

The wedding planner in me has been bursting with things to do, the checklists and everything else that only goes into the planning process, not to mention handling the wedding. However the respective, lets not talk about anything until after we are officially engaged girlfriend is BURSTING to start planning.

Well, my lovely blog followers, he gave me the green light tonight and told me to plan my heart out! I wanted to share my joy and excitement with you all!! I started another blog for my wedding planning, the new journey, the changes and PICTURES!!!

I hope you all follow my journey!

Oh...PS!!!! He said he was thinking of proposing sooner rather than engagement story might be here soon!!!