Friday, January 28, 2011

Cleaning my closet

Whats the best way to start off with Spring Cleaning?

Well, there is none! Its no way to start Cleaning!! A neat OCD freak thought of Spring Cleaning and it launched forth.

However for me and mine, I always start off in the one room that gets neglected so much. Mine!!

Im in there all the time, so are the kids, other family members, the cat and dog, my boyfriend and friends. Its a nice bedroom if I do say so myself. However, at the end of the night, Im the one "cleaning" up everyone's mess and that's no fun.

To begin S.C, its also always best to start from the inside. Things we want to clean up about ourselves, things that we see the need to change, the things that we and others notice about ourselves that we dont like. So, I always begin my spring cleaning by looking into my own closet and getting rid of things that are negative, even people.

So, its best to clean out our personal closet and then tackle the actual house!

Have a hap happy friday and welcome all my wonderful lovely followers!