Saturday, January 22, 2011


I love Saturdays. They seem to be the easiest, longest day and they are very relaxing (sometimes).

Todays Saturday was different. I spent Friday night in the ER with Zeke because his lips turned blue and he had been throwing up all day! It was a rather nasty Friday!

I was irritated with everyone!! Everyone, even my bright, adorable kids and my wonderful boyfriend. I couldnt seem to get it through everyones head to just give me a moment of peace. I felt pulled and dragged in all different directions, simply OVERWHELMED!!

I wanted to cry and just throw my hands up. People would grab the twins but only for a nano second and then let them wonder around by themselves. That irritates me to the fullest!

So, Friday night I call his after hours clinic and they asked me to head into the ER. So, I pack a diaper bag, school work, snack, and my purse, get both our coats on and realize two things....
1. No car (my brother was working late and I didnt want to pick him up_
2. Carseat was inside said gone car (UGH!!!)

So, I turned to my wonderful-yet couldnt stop asking me questions-boyfriend and asked sweetly if he could take me...still a carseat!! So, I give up and call 911.

Spend 3 hours waiting for doctor, go home because he is actually fine (too much mucous that causes him to throw up)and then get 2 hours of sleep before my friend has to go into the ER and then another 1 hour of sleep before my daughter decides to get into my bed.

so, TODAY, this wonderful, blessed, much needed saturday...I plan on RELAXING (as much as possible).

Oh, and I posted some new pages and some sampels for all my lovely followers (35 now!!)

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