Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Again!!

Its been such a while since my last post. Lots of things have happened!!!

First, my twins have grown. We went to AZ after their yearly checkup and they were above average on their growth and weight! Super awesome! I love being their mom, they amaze me everyday and continue to make me smile no matter what. I do stress out over things and make little things huge but my kids always seem to make things better and oh so...ok.

Second, I have fallen in love with Joel Carpenter and he has my heart. Who would've thought that I would be in love with a man I never thought of as my future mate?! He is simply wonderful and the kids love him so much and yes, he treats them as his own, like he is their dad. I am falling in love with him and its so nice! Ive never been this happy and its amazing!

Third, I joined My Media Savings which pays me to post their coupons or samples on my blog (check out the next page)! I just post pictures and reviews of the samples, however, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you all (my lovely followers) to click on the link and help me get a little (yes, little) paycheck and support my sample and coupon habit!

Fourth, I have decided to work from home. Its been really nice being at home and I tried going to work sucked! From clocking in to clockin out. I need to motivate myself a bit more for my Party Lite and start getting some people to host parties, either online or in their home.

I am sorry I havent posted a while and I promise to do better!! Blogging and having followers and being online and blogging and reading other mom blogs and just being a bloggy mom as been so AWESOME and a great relief. So, I leave you this midnight and will post my first sample for you all tomorrow morning..John F. and the next one is Teleflora!!