Thursday, January 6, 2011

Light Up Your Life

Today was a day for business, catching up on school and more business!!! I am a Party Lite Consultant and thats a candle company! I love love love candles and would love to share this wonderful candle adventure with you all. Or you could simply buy some candles and gifts from me! Either or, thats wonderful!!

Today, as I logged in, I noticed 26 followers. I have to tell you've made my day!!! I would like to get to 35-45 followers and then have a HUGE HUGE MAJOR GIVEAWAY!! With CANDLES (of course)!!!

I want to share my Party Lite Candle information with you all and if you want to buy candles, help out a single mom, or simply love candles like me, please check out the sites! Also, right now I am having a Jan Only Sale. Items as low as $4.00!!

Light Up Your Life!

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