Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where to begin

Ok, so this year I promised myself a lot of things, changes, money smarts, treating me to things. I will let you know now...not a lot has stayed in place. Im living with my mom, I am no longer dating Joel-although great guy, he was...controlling- and I have no more room for error.

My kids are healthy, happy and Im ok with the world and God. So, I do feel better. Ive been going through SO much. Drama with so called friends, missing my own house, feeling lost when I notice family who are doing better than me but only because they are helped so much. I want something in my life to go right!

Im sad that things dont go my way and I really want to be happy, married and loved. more than anything I want to be loved. The feeling everyone else says they have has seem to elude me for such a long time. I cant seem to accept what was in front of me. I continue to pray and things will turn out ok

I'm thankful for my lovely followers, for this blog to let me vent, write and let me get things off my chest. I want to do more writing and blogging. I think this will help me so much.

I did start a new job(not an 8-5) but its called 31 Gifts...its a personalized gift, totes, purses company. Its not bad but its slow taking off. So I wait and try to do my best getting sales.