Friday, March 25, 2011

Such a LONG time!

Goodness! Feb 26 was the last entry! I've been busy people and have lots going on. School, daycare, trying to build my business and then handling two kids...things have been pretty crazy around here.

So to start...

I am back to being a single mama and I am surprised to say, I like it that way. I love having this sort of freedom (key words in there was sort of)and knowing that my kids are MINE. The boyfriend and me didnt seem to get along after a while and now our friendship is shaky too. Things just seemed better with him being a friend.

Ive learned a lesson though, some people should simply be friends and you should keep others at a distance and learn who to talk to.

I started working for a wonderful company called 31 Gifts. Its a personalized totes, purses, wallets, etc type of company. I have a few myself and LOVE it. I will be doing a Blogging Bloggers Giveaway this weekend! so please stayed tuned for detailed instructions!

So, back to my life. Me and the twins are fine, its a bit tight in the smaller room, I gave the master bedroom to my sister and wish I had kept it. I did move some things around tonight to give me and the twins more space, I just have a lot of things. Mainly their clothes

Im battling depression and its hard but things will soon be easier. I have struggled with it all my life, but lately things have been so depressing, its sad in itself LOL. I have been reading my Bible again, though, and really taking in my spiritual food I have left gone. With time and effort things will be back to normal. Seeing your comments has always been uplifting and very encouraging. Thanks!

The twins are doing well, getting bigger and more rambunctious as usual. I love the way they learn things everyday. Its so fun to watch them and to explore with them. Things you already knew are a joy to learn again. To say the least, I love my babies!!!

Nothing else has been going on. Mainly been working to live and being a single mama! Please keep commenting and watching out for the giveaways. Having you all around really is something I look forward to and appreciate.