Wednesday, July 6, 2011


How do you go about giving someone encouragement? Is it from love, endurance, or just because you want them happy. I plan on figuring that out.

I know how to give encouragement, but when I am looking for encouragement, it seems no one is around...but I know for sure I can give encouragement to myself and to others. I know within me is a great woman, a fantastic mom and someone who is willing and able to be the best she can be.

Most of us struggle with depression, as I do, and encouragement seems to help, yet sometimes it seems only to put me into more of a heavy depression.

I am willing to change that! I hope that I soon have another job, a booming business, and am at a place I really want to be.

So, tonight, I will report back because I want all to be encouraged by one another...and I simply love blogging (I need to do it more...really I do)! See you lovely people tonight~