Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New direction

I think that when people start over they feel its a bad thing, they feel as if its a failure to have to start over. They feel so sad at starting over and get in a frump.

When I was a child, we moved a lot and we may have stayed in the same state but we did move more than most kids. I feel that I am doing that to the twins and Lord knows I dont want to do that. I am planning on being in Denver and simply staying put for a whole year. It'll be tough but I really want that stability in me and my children's life.

So for me, starting over has never really been a failure, but an adventure to a newer place. I am moving to my final destination right now and in this process I do feel a bit sad, that I couldn't provide well for my kids. I dont want them to know what it feels like to struggle, I dont want them to know that a meal can be missed, or that people really have hard times. Yes, they should know these things and be considerate and humbly, but I dont want them to experience these things first hand.

I am taking another route and going to land in Denver and get my life fully together. Support from my bloggy moms and my friends and family I know this move will no longer feel like a failure, but a great success!