Saturday, July 30, 2011

Little learnings

Ive learned so much about myself lately and things keep getting better. Ive learned that I enjoy working with my supervisor, who is a pretty decent guy. He is pretty too lol

Ive learned that your body CRAVES sleep and that staying up and pushing yourself isnt the smartest way too go, especially with kids, Its not fair to yourself or your body.

I am a pretty good mom and it shows, I dont do much since Im a single mom, but what me and the twins do, it seems to be pretty amazing.

I learned that working in a DS business that you love and can back up the product, makes for an excellent sales person and team!

Speaking of which, join my team now for So Chic Bag Boutique at and sign up now for FREE!!

Ive learned many small and many big things about me, most importantly that I am starting to like me and my place on this earth.

Have you learned something today?