Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Adventures

What is an adventure? Is it scary? Fun? A rollercoaster? an event? An experience? Is it fantastic? positive...negative...hopefull...frustrating?

Well to me and my twins, its all those things. Adventures in life are very very different and can only be expected when this world is going crazy. We take this adventures and make them fun or we can make them negative. My whole world has been turned upside down, gone through many adventures within the past few months and it seems to finally be setting.

As a single mom, Ive found more comfort in my kids than I could have ever thought possible. My joy and love for them blossoms more and more everyday. I tend to be more patient, more loving, and they seem to be giving me the biggest adventure of all.

Im very happy with where my life is headed. Started a new DS (direct sales) business that I am moer in love with now than ever. Not just because of their products, but because of their values, their mission and I love how they love their consultants. I work for Scentsy and I am adding my link, hoping that you can see what you like and order.

I have many more adventures ahead of me and they arent just adventures, but goals to be reached and acheived. My first it to loose weight, take pictures with the kids on Saturday, find a new place and move, and to make Scentsy successful for me and my twins, so I can spend more time with them!!

I hope your adventures bring you great joy and struggle - without struggle, we will look back and think everything was too easy and not appreciate things. With struggle, we will look back and think of the mountains and the hard times, just to be appreciative of our goals and adventures!!