Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Blog

Blogging everyday is my new thing.
I'm going to blog everyday and see what happens! I'm thinking that blogging everyday will help me with some of my personal issues, my own writing techniques, and to meet and blog with more people!

Today's blog is about growth. Taking a step forward in my own life to get all the negative out, to enjoy the life I have, not to lust after one that isn't happening and was a past life. I want to keep growing and show my kids that growth is the best thing in life. Staying in one spot or always groaning and moaning about the past isn't helpful or something that can let you move forward in life.

Growth is the best thing for anyone. My life stopped when I had kids...or so I thought. I blamed my pregnancy for not continuing forth with my dreams. I had plans to go to Greece and spend two weeks there but that was the time my twins were I couldn't go. I watched their father go to movies, go do things, and I would be so dare he continue to have a life and I couldn't?! I would watch others do things and I always stopped myself because I had the twins, because I was a single mom, because I didn't trust anyone with my babies.

However, noticing that my life is on hold didn't sit well with me. My growth is that I am OK being a single mom, that I can still do things even though I have two kids...just taking them along sometimes is better than not taking them. They provide laughter, fun, and joy to me. I love that they are who they are and I wouldn't change anything about them.

My growth is that I am going to start living my life, to start enjoying things, stop putting things on hold. The twins are so awesome at the movies, I don't mind going with them. I love doing things and so do they, apparently. I can still travel, I can still go and see things. My growth is to keep growing and to keep moving forward. My life doesn't stop because of only begins and continues to blossom.

I hope you take your growth (w/o or w/ kids) and prosper in it and continue forth in your own growth!!

Happy Monday World!