Monday, June 11, 2012

This weekend...

...was so much fun!

Friday we went swimming and went to the Aquatic Swimming Center in Mesa. My daughter enjoyed herself and my son thought we had lost our minds. I cant believe how talented my daughter is...what an amazing little fish I have. My son watched from the sidelines and was fine doing that. Once we were getting ready to leave, my son decided to come in and join us. He stayed relatively close to the edge of the pool and got on his stomach a few times when he saw his sister doing it. His courage inspired me!

Saturday we woke up and grandma surprised us with news that we would go see Madagascar 3!! or as the twins like to say The Move It Move It Movie! How amazing was that movie?! Everything from the beginning to end was a treat and a special joy. For two kids who can't sit still, I was a bit worried about what they would do that the movies. However, these two were so enthralled and captivated by the movie...they were still.

Until, of course, the music came on! Then my daughter knew it was her chance to dance and shake it.

We came home and my son promptly took his nap...not so much for my daughter. She thought it was a great way to play and promptly started play time. While my son slept, their father came over and chatted with his daughter for a bit and then we took them to another water park.

At this water park, the kids area was much smaller but still very fun. My daughter, as usual, jumped right in. Taking time to get used to the water temp, splashing with her hands, and kicking the water around. She watched her daddy sink his head into the pool...which brought on a round of laughter from the twins. Within a few moments, daddy and her were off in the bigger area of the pool, she wrapped tightly around his neck and him holding onto her hands.

Me and my son watched and walked, every so slowly, to a less crowded area of the kids side. He got comfortable while I sat in the pool and he played with a few water features. Soon though, his father came up and grabbed him, handing me my daughter. All four of us walked towards the deep end. We dunked them, let them kick, and then everyone was enjoying themselves. As we took turns watching them, I got to go off the diving board and a water slide, and their father went twice on the diving board and once down the slide. It was a great time.The most inspiring moments though were when we made it back to the side where the shallow water was and my son took that water adventure seriously. From floating, trying to kick and use his hands, to following in his sisters steps and jumping in and plopping down. Soon it was him I was watching as he dunked his own head and tested being under water.

Home and then changed for a nice dinner...with that we came home and they took a little time to sleep...but sleep they did.


Service was awe inspiring. The twins couldn't sit still but from what I heard from the Brothers talk, I was moved and very over joyed. So happy to have made it!!

Sundays are the time we are laid back and we enjoy ourselves or the relaxing moments. We did that today. With the grandparents, we watched a few movies, chilled, and enjoyed a wonderful Sunday together.

I love it when my children are happy. Sometimes being a mom is hard, challenging, frustrating, and downright tiring. With trying to do things your way, their way, and the right way...its hard to just feel and know you are doing things the best way you know how. I love seeing my twins happy and healthy. I love seeing them understand what I've taught them, and I enjoy seeing them smile. When I look back on the moments they acted out, I know its partially because of age and being tired, I also know they are good kids and I love and enjoy that about them. I thank God for my small family and for the many more attitudes and moments I have with them.

Hold yours close everyday and cherish those weekends where even if things don't go as planned they are right.