Saturday, July 21, 2012

A new day!!

Today is Friday! Fridays are awesome because is the end of a long work week for most and the beginning of a awesome weekend for the majority.
Today, I heard about shootings in Aurora, Co over a movie and its saddens me that people stoop this low to do things of such hate.
I wanted to chat about what this crazy week has been like. Monday, I started my new job and I love it! Its so much…awesomeness. The people there are really loving and kind and do know how to make someone feel special. I love my boss and he says I am doing an awesome job. I slacked on my work out program and I need to get back on the ball on that.
Work has been wonderful, my food intake has been good too, however, I could and can and will be doing better on that end. I have no problem adapting to my new schedule…its hard but its rewarding. My next move is going to Denver, Co and living up there. I am in the process of looking for a place and had plans to go there this Saturday, but with no car, I am just going to make calls looking for places.
The twins start “school” aka daycare on Monday and I am really excited about that. We all get a moments of rest away from each other, my mom can begin her medicines and be back on track, and the twins will be back in school learning and doing more. I think school is super nice and awesome for them. I know they love it.
I love this new start to my life. A new outlook, trying to stay and maintain a positive attitude. If I cant control it…why stress over it?! I know my limits and what I can and can’t do. I also know that just learning to be me has been a journey and I love this new outlook, it makes me love/like me even more.
I hope your week was filled with the journey of life, a new outcome, and a new joy of how you want things to be. Have a blessed and safe and fun weekend!!