Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starting Anew

Ive been laying down foundation for the following year and I am determined to make 2013 a better year. I said that about 2012, but then so many things went wrong and it was the third week of Jan.

So, knowing I wanted a better year for 2013 and I wanted MY dreams to finally come true, I wrote down the things I wanted and the things I needed and how I could get them. I want a house and a backyard for my twins...I really want them to have their own. We grew up always in a 2 bedroom and then twice in a three bedroom and it was so cramped. I want a nice house for me and the twins and I want them to be able to enjoy it. That is my first and most important personal goal. I want a house before summer of 2013 and to do that, I needed to lay my foundation now to get this accomplished.

So, I got my credit checked and it was pretty bad. So bad that I almost cried at how bad it was. I've had my identity stolen, so that wasnt fun and some of the things on there werent mine, so I am in the process of disputing those. I wanted to make sure this was fair, well it wasnt going to be. I had too much on there and to clear it myself would take 4 years...yes, I calculated it, and it would be four years. To really accomplish my goal, I needed this foundation to be laid down starting now.

Ive been looking into bankruptcy and its affordable and doesnt cause too much damage. The lawyers Ive interviewed have explained the types of bankruptcy, which one would be best for me, and how to go about getting that dream home, even after bankruptcy. After I file, I cant mess with our touch my credit for 6 solid months, so that's why I need to start my foundation now. Well, I came upon another site called Skrupa Law, and I liked their site.

I love learning about my credit, and wish I had learned before all of this negativity on there. However, now I know and its something of great interest to me. Filing bankruptcy isn't the end of the world to me, its simply helping me start over and to lay a more rock solid foundation for my future and my kids. Being able to teach them accurate knowledge is more important than what someone thinks of me and my actions. 

Lay your foundation now and start your 2013 with a big bang, hit the ground running, and be prepared to fall sometimes, but most importantly be prepared to get right back up, dust off, and then keep on running. Being able to put things behind you and successfully move forward, is and can be hard, but things always work out better once you do put one foot in front of the other. Check out bankruptcy education on Google, better yet check out the Skrupa Law site and see how much you learn from them. If bankrupcy is your way to go, like mine will be, dont worry about what others think and dont worry about the moment of getting the relief you've been searching for. Think of your awesome foundation for a better future you will soon have.

Happy journey to you all!!