Saturday, August 4, 2012


On my journey, Ive noticed that things are starting to get a bit better. I am loving my job, although its a bit slow, I do love it. The people are amazingly nice, super fun, and always willing to lend a hand and a smile. I got my Jeep back today and now I have wheels to get around to places. My surgery on Monday went exceptionally well, I didn't even know I had passed out. My relationship with my twins is blossoming, we talk more (they talk A LOT) and I love to be around them. Things are looking up and being positive and loving helps too.

Tomorrow I am taking the twins to Manitou Springs via Garden of the Gods and we are going to look around, walk, take loads of pictures (yes I will upload later) and just spend the day as a family. I havent been able to do this the way I wanted to in a while, but I am making some changes in the way I approach things.

Im going to be more proactive, more loving, not yelling or raising my voice so much, Im going to enojoy the time with my twins instead of rushing to do work...Im up at night for that. Im going to live my life and enjoy it and give God His due glory. I want everyone to share in the happiness that I have found upon me!!

oh and something else I twins are turning three in three months!!!! EEK...Im a single mom to two soon to be three year olds. Cant wait for that journey to start!