Monday, March 18, 2013

The most important thing

Right now, my life has come and gone in many different situations, some ideal and some not so ideal. I have always believed that the moment you fail at something, you failed. I have started learning in myself that that saying isn't true in the least.

When we fail, we succeed and learn so much more about ourselves, what we can do after we get up, and the joys of learning from our mistakes and the points where we went wrong.

My biggest success are my kids, not to brag, but my babies are awesome! I love watching them play, I love watching them learn, and try new things, and I love their love. How unique God is to give us children who just love unconditionally. I sometimes feel like I have failed in parenting, raising them, or have failed them, but I think they have turned out to be very respectable, loving, and giving kids.

Something I am starting with them is a chore sheet and a goal sheet. I found them at my favorite place in the whole world (Target) and they were only $1.00. They are pretty sweet...I can write in five goals for the week and place stickers in them each as they make and complete each goal, on their own or with my help. There are small You Did It awards and stickers in the booklet as well. I think its a lovely little tool.

I want to be more creative with them, trying new things, going for nature walks, especially since they do love walking and being outdoors. I think that this will help in strengthening our bond. I think it will help me as well.

Another thing I have decided to work on, is my blogging. It is a goal I made for get back into blogging. I don't want to just make money off my blog and I don't want to just do giveaways, but I want passionate followers, ladies who comment on a daily basis, and a media kit....that would be amazing. To start, I am teaming up with a web (blog) designer to create a more engaging and interactive website and blog site. I want don't want to copy other mom blogs out there, especially the ones I love to follow, but I do want that feel of being known and being respected by other mom blogs.

So this will start off my new blogging experience and I can start giveaways, writing for other companies, and being a awesome mommy blogger.

So, to all those worried about your failures, don't be...they help us with our success. I think a failure is a way of making sure we stay humble, making sure we are working on ourselves continuously  and making sure we always know how to get back up. At least that is how I see it.

Hope your Monday is a wonderful start to the rest of your week.