Thursday, November 15, 2012


Its a new that requires changes. You can't complain about something if you aren't willing to change it. Your outlook is something that HAS to be CHANGED for your mindset and lifestyle to be changed. My girlfriend said this:
I take 110% responsibility for where I am today and for WHAT I'VE GOT. Starting now, I'm ready to change my THOUGHTS, change my ACTIONS, to get better results.

So lately I have been having a pity party but a documentary has brought me out of things. Once I noticed that and took it for what it is, I have seen a change in me. This journey has been tough but so rewarding in finding me, knowing what I need to do and knowing HOW to get there.

I really am enjoying getting back to blogging, I need to get some sleep, but why not work since I can't? My twins turned three today and I was simply shocked that I have two three year olds. I never thought in my whole life that I would have kids and twins at that. Today we just hung out together, and since tomorrow is a day off, I plan on doing that as well...just hanging with my twins and loving them. It is important to use this time wisely since I know time can never be given back.

I wanted to share this simple little motto that I am starting to use and to imply in my life:
Keep it simple
Trust in the system
Live in the present.

Enjoy your day and live to your fullest.