Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Great Weekend

Besides the weekend being a great time to enjoy one selves anyways, it is important for us to take the times we do have to really enjoy these moments. This weekend the twins and I really enjoyed ourselves and I have the pictures to prove it. 

I met some awesome bloggers and connected on Twitter with them. This for me is a bonus because one of my goals is to become a really successful blogger, and have lots of followers, and really be useful in the blogging community…however, my first main goal is to get more followers on my blog page and my Facebook page (link listed below). I love being a blogger and have made some amazing friends by learning more about blogging and reaching out to others on FB. 

My other awesome weekend moment was watching my son “swim”. He doesn’t get into the pool much, he has his moments where he can put his feet in but nothing…but this weekend he shined. From dipping into the hot tub and “swimming” underneath the pool, dipping his head underneath and playing shark. I was shocked and so proud of him.

If you live in Colorado Springs, Co there is something that happens every Memorial Day, it’s called Territory Days. It’s a three day Memorial Weekend tradition, however, it is a little bit more commercial than what it was but it’s a fun and lovely way to spend the weekend. It was a blast, we got some ice cream, a few bubble toys, and two lovely hats that were on sale.

I got to see my best friend Katera and her son, and another good friend, JoElena, and her lovely son and brother. I miss being around my friends and need to start being more of a social person and really reaching out to people. I missed a good friend who was close but not close, I really wanted to meet her in person, but I couldn’t. 

I’ve also made some goals and some spiritual goals I want to focus on too. I need to be more diligent with things and really get myself into getting these set. I hope that you had a fantastic, lovely, fun, bbq filled, Memorial Day Weekend.