Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Change...I don't think I have any :)

In all our journeys of life, we have to accept the changes that come with it. My twins and I have dealt with many changes...some good, some bad, but all worth it. Changes help us create balance and structure and help us to accept something that isn't working for us.

So this post will be short because I am gearing up for a fantastic blog hop...I have never done one before and am beyond excited. From what information I have found out about a blog hop is that you add a link to your site (May Blog Roll) and then "hop" to each blog, follow, read, and comment on their posts (commenting optional I believe) and then you have built followers and can also now post to an actual audience.

This is so exciting for me and if you have never done one, and want to do one, check out Bloggy Moms May Blog Hop. This site is one of my favorites and I am so happy I found this site. +Tiffany Noth  has been an amazing inspiration to blog, to learn about blogging, to create a site for moms, and its brought/taught me so much! I hope to attend her blog-ference (conference) in Sept, I am working on that goal now.

As you also know, I wanted to make my blog more money and income savvy, I would like to bring in advertisers on my website, link my blog to my website, and just bring in some little extra income. I want my blog to be a mom two twins, single mom, and mommy inspirational site. I want to start posting more pictures of the things me and the twins have done and will be doing. I would like to post our science projects, our outings and adventures, and just what consists of our journey.

I would also like my site to be popular and to host giveaways, do reviews, and work with other blogging moms or giveaway sites to host huge prize giveaways. I know...I thing at a time and for me that is getting more structured. I now have a blog post listing for myself that I will do on each day. For instance, on Fridays, it will be Fantastic Fridays, showing all the wonderful things that have happened on that Friday, and what made it fantastic for us. So watch out for these wonderful days :)

I guess this wasn't so short after all. I hope you all enjoy our blog and continue to follow us.

Erika S.