Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another journeys great

What is the greatest thing in the world?

Each person’s answer is going to be different. From their personal background, to their beliefs in life as an adult. Each person has a different outlook for the way they term what is the greatest thing in the world or what is important to them.

For me, it is my kids and I love them. They saved my life and they gave me life. I may get frustrated with them and I may see them as rambunctious kids, but I love them so much.

This journey of mine is very hard. Right now, I have been going through some rough things and trying to be a balance for my twins. However, they have been so amazing and so wonderful. Two beautiful creatures God gave us and it’s amazing how they are….how much they could mean to someone.

Life is about how you make it. 90% of life is problems, situations, etc…10% is how we react to it. I know some may see that has backwards, but it is important for me to see and understand it that life is major or throws us many curve balls and 10% of life is all how I handle it, since life is not promised to us even for tomorrow.

I hope everyone can sit down and see what their greatness is, not only within themselves, but also within others. Seeking to find my own happiness has led to a lot of tears for my past, a lot of smiles for my present, and many giggles and stomach rolls for my future.

Life is one amazing journey and it is all in how we look at it. Take a moment to see how you look at and within things.