Thursday, June 13, 2013

A moment that stood still

Yesterday was an amazing day for my career in wedding/event planning. I got a call from the offices of someone I truly admire and respect and have followed since I was 16 years of age. This designer has been my all time favorite, used by Oprah, just recently got married to his partner, and has four (working on the fifth) coffee table books.

Well, I thought of this event for Jan 2014 and sent out an email to his team, asking for pricing on the speakers’ fee, what’s needed to get him out here, etc. I got a CALL!!! A call from my favorite event designers CEO! I was so thrilled and beyond tickled pink. He wants to come to my event…how amazing is that!!! The phone call alone got me motivated to do amazing things, to stand strong in my will and determination of my dreams. The fact alone that he picked my event to attend made me want to do and be better in my goals and dreams and my business.

I want him out here so bad, that I looked into funding, crowd funding, investors, etc. I asked a friend of mine about sponsorships, how to get them etc. I found a lovely and wonderful crowd funding last night and signed up. I am reaching out to my friends, family, and lovely followers to help with this amount and help me be able to get this speaker here at this event. Other speakers have expressed their interest and really want to be a part of this too.

So, I ask that you take a look at my Go Fund Me site and see if you are able to donate anything at all to my business, Erika Swift Events, and hopefully rock the Denver state with an incredible speaker, event designer, and all around wonderful person! If you know me, you know that for me, asking for money (or help) is really hard, however, I am so close to my dreams and goals and aspirations, that I find myself being ok with asking for help. I know having this speaker here will not only help me, but the wedding professionals here in Colorado.