Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keep on swimming....keep on swimming

Yes, we must keep on swimming! I have been talking about dreams and moving forward with them. On Friday I made the announcement about working as a travel agent and starting my wedding/event planning business. I am so beyond excited about moving forward with my dreams, goals, and inspirational times.

I have been so wrapped up into letting others destroy my dreams, my goals, and even just daily things that it’s been hard to come up from that cloud of despair. However, I have two lovely reasons to get out of that funk. Jazzy and Zeke have been amazing kids and a life joy that I couldn't and wouldn't even replace. I figured with focus, drive, ambition, and my own will everything will fall into place…especially with hard work.

I want to teach my kids that no matter what someone else says, we can always overcome and continue to fight. I want that deeply engraved into their little hearts and souls. I want them to be able to be happy at all times and enjoy their fails and successes.

When we teach our kids something, they do learn it, but they see us being their example first. I am going to make sure from here on out, that I am a proud and amazing example to my kids. I have been working on my dreams, my goals, and other things that I want to accomplish, writing down the deadlines, emailing people and literally putting my mind, heart, and soul into it. The fruitage of my hard work will come to surface and I do hope that you are here to enjoy it with us.

Oooh and I finally have a schedule for my blog. Wednesdays from here on out will be ramblings, things that I love to chat about (besides my kids) and inspirational moments, etc. I have some other ideas and structural design for my blog! I do hope you enjoy it!

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Erika S.