Friday, June 7, 2013

It is Friday!!

It’s Friday!!! It is time for announcements! So, I love wedding and event planning & traveling. I have combined those loves and passions and made them my businesses!

I re-opened my business, Wedded Designs, but under another name, it is now, Erika Swift Events. With a different look, another brand, and a new direction, we’ve embraced our more luxurious side. We have been working connections in Washington, D.C. and here in the Denver, Colorado area. Our business is geared towards clients and brides that have a luxurious lifestyle, a busier life, and wants someone to handle all their details and then some. We can do that. Check out our website at and our FB page and our blog.

Another business venture I am going into is being a travel agent with a lovely company.

{Moms on the move}

A travel agency dedicated to middle income and single moms. We handle all types of travel arrangements, for busy moms, families, etc. We also work with corporate clients and work with a company called Granted; they are a personal concierge service that helps locating that special thing you want that no one else seems to find.
Check out both of these businesses and make sure to follow our blogs and check out our Facebook pages.