Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just for you and me

With the new designs of my blog, my business, Erika Swift Events, and my life, things have been pretty amazing and busy. I haven’t had time to do anything, to really sit and focus on the good. I really have been working on, letting go of some things, and really putting some effort into a few major projects. I know on Monday I was going to write about Manic Mondays, and how it was supposed to be about this weekend, but I have been on the road since Friday and Monday I was driving home from Arizona.

So I will chat about something I did notice with my daughter, my lovely, happy, and funny daughter, Jazzy. One thing I have noticed is the growth of me and my daughters’ hair. I have had a love/hate situation with my daughters’ hair since she started getting these gorgeous locks. I haven’t been able to find anything that has helped but I did!!

I come from a very mixed family. My mom is black and I was raised by a white man, and my mom and he have three kids. My brother keeps his hair cut but if he lets it grow out, it gets really curly, my sister has really lovely hair, but it gets a bit kinky, she keeps it colored a lot. My baby sister has what people call “white girl hair” and it’s lovely, straight, sometimes curly, and makes me jealous.

I started looking around for hair care products when my jazzy was born because I was so scared about how to handle her hair, about how to style it, help it grow, etc. I found this wonderful product called Fast Growth. We used the oil and the shampoo and conditioner .

I love the products and really want Jazzy to learn about things that I never learned. The simply joy of taking care of your hair, learning to maintain it, and really using the right products. Growing up in a mixed household, I didn't know which types of products to use, and what to do with my hair. Her hair has grown a lot within the 30 days, I would say about 4 inches, and she even notices how long her braided pony tails are, and I love how my hair has also been growing and I take notice in these things too.

I really believe in bonding with my kids, really see that the simply things are what brings families together, not the major things, but the things that others overlook.

Jazmens hair is amazing, and I love using the hot iron on her hair now and she always puts her hands in her head with her head cocked and her hips all pushed out to the side. I would suggest everyone go to their website, like their Facebook page, and really enjoy these products. It is something that you and your kids can bond over as well.