Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Monday Morning

A Monday Morning Moment
This weekend has been really amazing and really stressful at the same time. I have been trying to get over something for a while, but haven’t been able to…simply because I don’t know how to get rid of things and just move on. I’ve been learning to, really I have.

My Monday Morning Moment has been a bit of a breakthrough on being able to let go of this hurt and pain. Not only have I learned how to put things in its place, but I have also found the courage and strength to let this go. 

One huge way of letting things go, is forgiveness. Forgive those that have hurt you and those that do things against you. Forgive them and let it be known inside you that you have forgiven them. Don’t seek revenge or seek them out in anger, which will only end up hurting you only and not them. Another way of letting things go is to write out a letter with all the pain, hurt, fury, anger, and frustrations that you wish to tell those people, let it all out. Then delete it or toss it out and let the peace run over you. Another thing to help is to pray. IF you don’t pray or believe in God, that is fine. But if you even just like to pray, do that. Ask for a calmness of spirit and a way to really forgive the people that have hurt you or done you wrong.

These are the things I did. I prayed, ask for a calmness of spirit, and got that. The pain still lingered, and I was angry that they had lied on me and other things. I was actually happy for their success and their direction, just not for the way they did things. I wrote out my letter, prayed to God, asked for forgiveness and to help with forgiving them, and then prayed about again. Last night, Sunday night, I prayed again because I let that hurt dwell on me. I asked a good friend for help and she gave me Colossians 13: 3-4, about forgiving others freely and clothing ourselves with love. It was like an eye opening A-ha moment and I had one!!!

I have love for them, regardless of what happened. If something happened to them, I would help; I know that inside me is a good person who loves all, continuously. I put them in the right place, I let go of the pain and listened to that scripture and it has stuck in my head in all things last night and for all things happening today. 

I hope that if someone is doing you wrong, you can freely forgive them, move onward in your life and be successful in just being you, being happy, and knowing that all things will happen the way they are meant to happen.