Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Write It Up Wednesday

Hello All
I think being honest about your past helps you let things go and you can really make amends with the past. It has been my goal to make up with people who I’ve hurt and ones that I may have said something stupid to or about. I started reaching out to professionals I had said something about or had a struggling friendship with, but really valued their thoughts, advice, and their chats. This has been a cleansing process for me as well and it’s been super awesome just being able to know I did my part in asking for their forgiveness. I know everyone won’t be like “Oh girl it’s all good.” Some will never be able to be a friend, on their part, and some will never be able to want to be my friend, but I take solace and knowledge in my part of hoping to heal and their healing as well.

On another bright note, I have made some major decisions and improvements to my life choices. First and foremost, I was looking at a picture of my kids and fell in love all over again with them. I want to do and be better for them. Be more consistent with their schedules, learning, and just being with them more. I love my kids and they are my biggest “whys” in this life. So my first decision is to stop saying I’m trying and actually really try. Really try. I always say I am trying but nothing comes from the fruits of my labor and then I have to sit back and think did I put any labor into it? No, I don’t. I love to work and I love to make my kids happy, but more than anything, I want to make their life and childhood amazing.
I sat at my desk today and really got sad but determined. Not only do I want more for them, but to be successful in my own right, so I can devote time to other places. I know now what needs to be done and I am so excited for that, actually excited. So for “Write It Up Wednesday” my writings are going to be my goals, my decisions, and my accomplishments I am making happen by the end of this month and the beginning of next month. 

I hope you use Write It Up Wednesday to write down your goals, dreams, deadlines, etc. Happy Wednesday!!!