Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh I love thee

A Monday Morning Me (A self note of refreshment)

As we push full steam ahead into July this beautiful Monday morning, we look around us and remember the small and big things we are grateful for. For a long while, I blamed everyone around me, and others too. I blamed them for my failures, their successes (weird, I know) and other things, but this is the way I was raised.

However, as an adult, we look back at our childhood, our mistakes, and we really search what went wrong, who did it (me), and why we made those decisions. As a child, I couldn’t control what my mom did or didn’t do, what we learned or didn’t lean, but as an adult I can control how it molds me and what I can do to change that. 

I have a HUGE fear of actually being happy and succeeding in my life, my faith, my job, my goals, and with my kids. Lately though, I have been shaking off that fear and moving forward with my dreams and goals and how they can not only make me happy, but show my kids that happiness does come from within.

I want to start focusing on the good. Lately I have noticed some changes in me, which have made me amazingly happy. I’ve also noticed my trials and tribulations and how I wish I would have handled things different on some, I wish I had stayed in those trials and endured my test.
The past isn’t to be dwelt on, but simply to be looked at, learn the lessons missed, and move forward. I’ve always let my past dictate my future and I can’t do that anymore. I love blogging and hope to utilize it more; I will be making some changes for my future and the outcomes of success I want. Growth is all about learning and I am really glad I get to learn about it. Use it and apply it to my life. 

Have a fantastic Monday!!

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