Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Thank You

Hello all again
Sorry I haven’t been consistent, I have been under the weather, even being in the ER once this week. I have been dealing with health problems since my kids were born, but enough about me…how have you been?!

I wanted to thank those that follow me and actively read my blogs (I do have more than this one). I also want to thank those that have voted for me and my business, Erika Swift Events. I have followed my dreams and am letting No One stop me from achieving all the goals and dreams I want. I see my success and now I simply will work backward from my success to the points I need to accomplish and this contest is a BIG step. 

So, thank you for the ones that have voted for me and continue to support me. I am moving along now in the race! Today is Thursday and marks a moment in the week where we know we’ve passed the hump day, gotten over those Tuesday hang ups, and cant wait til Friday. It is a day most people, at least myself, can come home and really just be happy with the results of the day and be oh so excited for Fridays. Friday always brings out the super happiness in people and I love that.

I know there are many challenges but this week has taught me many things, knowing some of my problems aren’t that big and some of the little things are easier to take care of, that I love blogging and have missed it and really love working out, since I started that to. On Thursdays, I plan to start sharing my work outs with you, pictures and all. I have started working out and plan on doing it from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but on Thursdays I plan to explain my work out and share how much I’ve lost and what the next week brings.

Motivation and determination have really entered me and not just for working out. Again, thanks for your support and love and continuing to read my little families blog.