Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I love to blog…I think we all know that, at least the ones that follow and read The Life of Three. I think it helps people with all aspects of their lives and it makes you have insight to other factors of your life, you wouldn't have thought of. Any who, I joined a fantastic September challenge. I follow Phebe with Making MeEvents and I enjoy her pictures and her blog. I was reading a post and it was her September goals and I noticed she was doing a blogging challenge called Blogtember over at Story of My Life. I love this unique perspective and blog, it’s beautifully done. Challenged accepted! I missed Monday because of my miscount of days…hey, no judging I’m a single mom.

Today, I am writing about when my life took turn, a moment I will never forget, but I think there are many of those in life, like when my kids were born, when I started my event planning business, but the best one happened recently. I have always doubted myself, always trying out new things but the moment I hit the wall, I think the world is going to end…yes, I’m a drama queen. My mom was a fighter her whole life and then something happened and then she stopped fighting, just accepting everything. I learned that you needed to continue from her doing that, her giving up always made me doubt myself and my talents, so I never grew in my business. When I got older, I still had doubts but I had a sense of determination to succeed, to make it in this big bad world, to really be able to beat the odds that were set against me. My expectations of myself, my business, my kids are set really high and I needed them to be more realistic, however, I didn’t know how to do that. Recently, I took a lot of lows and never had any high moments, I was struggling with my personal life and professional being. I beat myself up over not being someone, but then I took stock in my life.

I have two healthy, vibrant kids, who made everything in life so bright and amazing, I survived being screwed over by someone I trusted, I was growing my business (slowly but surely), finding renewed strength in myself, becoming powerful in my own mind and rights, I had a business that placed 4th ~Top 5~ in Denver’s A List Best Wedding Planner, which took me over the moon. I had so much blessings, that I told myself it’s time to work. A few months ago, I believed everything everyone had told me: from being worthless to being stupid in my feelings and thoughts, to growing up in a house where if you failed, it was what it was, to the self-doubts I had even told myself.

A few months ago, I believe all those lies, but then a month later, I took stock of everything I had and even the things I didn’t have, but wanted, not materialistically but just to help me and my kids to live easier. I told myself it was time to stop believing the past, to stop thinking those thoughts, to move forward and upward, to claim a spot in this world, to fight back, to be me and love the “me” I am. I finally put my foot down and it’s helped me have a solid point in my life, a turn that allows me to see where I am going, where I want to be, and how I plan (key word there) on being there. To really push forward, know I am worth everything I am, everything I want to be, and know that being me is simply ok with me.