Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Its a beautiful morning!

Hi everyone! I took a little break to pamper and baby my twins…I haven’t done that in a moment and I knew now was a good time to do it. I felt that blogging needed to be done, but my kids needed their mom first. I have learned so much in this week of not blogging, like the fact that I miss it. 

The fact that I really want to make this blog work…more so as a journey and a lifestyle blog, yes, I know…another lifestyle blog. But as I started thinking about this, I knew I couldn’t just be another lifestyle blog, I wanted to be different, targeted toward a single mom with kids, with a budget, not just one of those blogs where all you see are the pretty things and know right away you can’t afford it…but simple lifestyle changes that add more meaning. Thank you Lisa for your advice! It literally was life changing and moving for me. 

As most of my followers or readers know that “My Life of Three” is about me, my twins, and my journey after having kids and just, well our life.  

A big part of my life and not just my kids is my wedding and event planning business, Erika Swift Events. I love weddings mostly but planning anything had long been something I love.  

This year we placed 4th in the Denver’s A List.  I was so excited and so thankful to the ones who voted for me and my business.  Thank you! This marks something so special for me.  To see the hard work pay off and the joy from the feeling alone, it is an amazing feeling. 

No matter what life throws at you, be passionate in doing what makes you happy, then you will always be happy.