Monday, September 16, 2013

My love to yours

I made myself accept a challenge to write every day in September and I haven’t don’t that, simply because I have been busy and my lack of motivation…shame on me. But to continue with the challenge, I am supposed to write a love letter to someone in my life. So here it goes:

Dear love,
My life has been full of ups and downs, mainly downs, but it’s been an amazing ride. From the moment I met you, I loved you. I never had felt this love before and couldn’t really explain why I was so happy to be in love. All the other times I had felt love, I was angry, hurt, and betrayed. I knew this love story would be so much better and different.

I was so happy to have a reason to keep going, a reason not to give up, and a moment I could cherish always. I don’t tell you enough and sometimes I wait till you are sleep, but I do love you. I love everything about you, your hair, your tears, your giggle, your scream, your hurt, your pain, your love you give me. Everything in my life has been made so much better seeing love through your eyes. Being able to really express myself has been hard and I ask for your forgiveness, but I do love you and I will express it more.

I hope that you will see my love for you, the struggle I endure for you, the tears I shed for your joy, your hurt, your happiness. I hope you see someone who loves you like no one else and will always love you. You bring me so much joy and I wish I could show you better how much you bring me. I don’t want to be like my mom and spend so much time on hating the world, I forget that I have you to love. I don’t want to use the computer as an excuse to show you how I feel, or to have it as a barrier to me and you. I want to show you love, so you can show the world love.

I can’t explain the fears I have or the feeling of failing you, but I can explain that l love you. I love you with my heart, soul, and feelings. I love you with everything inside of me…I love you no matter who or where you are. I love you for being mine. I pray I make the right decisions so you don’t have to struggle, I pray I say the right words so you don’t have to feel confused by me. I pray that you see and know that….

I love you and I love you!

With love,

Your mom